New version is around the corner

A new version 200 is right around the corner.

We are now testing the game to make sure it doesn't crash

The game supports 14512 different Android devices. I do not have 10 000 different android phones at my home, so for this reason I've gathered a small group of people to help me try crash the game.

Since the new version has tons of codebase changes (new location path system, new savefiles, new engine upgrade, 3rd party library removed and so on) I want to make sure all the buttons and features work. Game cannot be fun if it cannot be played. 

So far looks pretty good and I've managed to fix few problems that appeared. I don't have exact estimate but I'd guess this testing period lasts some more days. 

After "crash test" period, the "gameplay" testing begins

After the game is stable enough, it's time to enter "game play" testing. There is a group of 12000 players who will receive the beta version. This version is fully playable with all the features in it. 

For one week (or 2 at max) we play the game and I get feedback and I will fix any major gameplay issues there are.  

After "gameplay testing" it's time for public release

Once the gameplay testing is completed, I make a public release and then everybody gets the new version via google play. If "crash test" period is done by April 26th and then 1-2 weeks for "gameplay" testing, I'd say somewhere around May 5th there is going to be the public launch.

Stay tuned.


P.S. To join alpha/beta testing please join Survive game mailing list.