First blog post: development news

Hi there, 

It's already February, which means my estimate about "December 15 release" was as good as rotten meat.

Here's something I've been working on.

I've done an Unity engine upgrade from 5.3 to 5.4 which is a big deal. It should make game work faster, and it should fix some issues on certain devices.

One big thing has been re-doing the travel screen. In version 139 you could choose the next location to travel. In version 196 this option was gone. In version 200 I'm bringing back a choice for player to make. I'm testing how much information will be given (and fixing UI) but here's a mockup work-in-progress screenshot about the current plan:




I've also been working on adding some new stuff (gear mainly), tweaking existing gear, and fixing dozens of bugs.

Today I also fixed annoying "you see 2 video ads right in the beginning" which should from now on show only 1 video ad (and this applies to version 196 right away). That was a problem that happened on certain connections. 

I've also tried out Windows version (worked out of the box) and IOS version (I need to try that one again and do some code changes), but at this point I don't know when those will be ready. 

My next steps are to finalize development of version 200, get it to the beta community  and then we are closer to public release. Not giving any dates at this point. I keep you posted.